Andy Jenner G7KNA BEng CEng MICE

After a brief flurry of activity back around the end of 2014 I settled down to more or less zero activity in terms of this site. I was reasonably confident that I had the layout of the site pretty much the way I wanted it but further development of the menu system ended up breaking it at which point I realised I would need to sit down and dedicate some serious research and development time to getting to grips with it.

In the meantime work, family, radio club and RSGB activities seemed to expand to fill an ever decreasing amount of available time and despite my best endeavours I never really had the combination of time, enthusiasm and, in truth, skills to resolve the issues.

Early in 2017 a friend and fellow radio club member and I decided that the look of the Club website, which hadn’t changed in some 5+ years, was beginning to look dated. It didn’t scale well onto the now ubiquitous mobile devices and had a cumbersome navigation menu. Also being custom written by Steve G0UQT it was increasingly running the risk that updates to WordPress would break our PHP code. Consequently we elected to install a commercial theme which went well and made me reconsider my previous objections to a similar route for my own site.

So I have installed and removed about a dozen different themes, playing with each one to see how easy they are to customise and how well they adapt to my own website requirements before settling on what you see before you now. There’s still some work to do, the cut down free offering I am using has less built in features than the commercial grade theme we have employed on the Club site, but I think the things that are missing can be overcome with some lateral thinking.

So I am back in the website business and hopefully can now concentrate on choosing useful plugins and developing some content after sorting out the standardised components on the various pages.